Social Media Sharing

Tips & Tricks

  • Whenever you post a tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram photo/story, don't forget to tag St. Joe's! (Facebook: @sjcipage, Twitter: @sjci, Instagram: @sjci)
  • In addition to tagging us in all of your Day of Giving posts, make sure to use the hashtag #SJCIDayofGiving to help us celebrate the day! Any posts using #SJCIDayOfGiving will be displayed on on May 6!
  • Tell your friends and family what St. Joe's means to you to inspire them to give! Here are some prompts to get you thinking: 
    • A teacher who inspired you in life or your funniest SJCI memory
    • Your proudest moment as a St. Joe's student, parent, or friend
    • How SJCI transformed you
    • Why you are grateful to be part of St. Joe's
    • How St. Joe's helped you get to where you are today.
  • Include a picture with your Facebook posts and Tweets! Use a personal photo of your favorite St. Joe's moment or memory, or check out the Ambassador Toolkit Downloads and use one of the graphic's we've made for you! We've created profile photos, cover photos, fun badges, graphics and more - all FREE for you to use.
  • Be creative and have fun!

Sample Social Media Posts


  • Are you ready to be a part of St. Joe's Day of Giving with me? It’s a day to celebrate Marauders giving back! #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • Mark your calendars for May 6th. It will be a day for everyone to support St. Joe's at [link to profile page]. #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • It’s time to show that the St. Joe's community is full of generosity! On May 6th, help us celebrate #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • We’re getting pumped for Day of Giving! Join the conversation by following @sjci and liking the St. Joe's page on FB (@sjci)! #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • Get ready to get up and give for St. Joe's Day of Giving on May 6! Follow @sjci to stay updated on the giving movement! #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • A little can go a long way when we get together and give together on May 6! Join the #SJCIDayOfGiving movement!


  • St. Joe's is important to me because [insert a personal reason of why]. That's why I'm helping spread the word about Day of Giving on May 6, so future generations of students can have the same great experience I did. Visit to make a difference today. #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • St. .Joe's means [insert a word or two about what SJCI means to you] to me. Join me in supporting generations of future Marauders by making a donation to St. Joe's Day of Giving on May 6! Visit #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • Save the date: Day of Giving is May 6! You can be part of the #SJCIDayOfGiving celebration and join me by giving to St. Joe's in support of future generations of students. Visit to find out more.
  • The real success of Day of Giving will not be how much we raise but the tremendous impact those #SJCIDayOfGiving dollars will have when a St. Joe's education is made possible for so many students who need our help! Join me in giving on May 6 at
  • May 6 will be a historic day for everyone in the St. Joe's community to GIVE BIG! You can learn more about Day of Giving and support my fundraiser at #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • We know the SJCI community is full of generosity, now let's show everyone else that it's true! On May 6, help me celebrate St. Joe's Day of Giving, 24 hours where  Marauders give back, and continue providing a St. Joe's education for deserving students. #SJCIDayOfGiving
  • I'm so excited to be a part of St. Joe's Day of Giving! You can support my campaign by visiting and donating on May 6. #SJCIDayOfGiving